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I have shopped in my local asda since the day it opened, both in store and online. Today, I took my 2 kids with me (aged 4 and 7) which as any mum knows can turn into a somewhat hectic experience needing eyes in the back of your head!

Anyway, I queued up at the checkout, a nice lady scanned my shopping and told me the total. Whilst this was happening, I was struggling with the poor quality of the plastic bags - one breaking and me having to re bag. We had a brief chat about the price of my shopping, and I commented I should have done it on click and collect as it's always cheaper! At the time; NEITHER OF US realised that the transaction had not been completed and we said bye and I went on my way.

I spent a good 5 minutes or so queuing next at the kiosk and paid for my newspaper. On the way out, I was confronted by two security staff asking to see my reciept. I said of course and searched in my bag - which is full of supermarket reciepts, just not that particular one! I was then accused of shoplifting and me and my two children were made to go into the small room.

Obviously at this point I am feeling somewhat intimidated and still oblivious to what actually occurred. So what happens next is that the manager views the CCTV of the event and declares that I never had any intention to pay - which of course was untrue. Who in their right mind would go to the staffed checkout to attempt to steal? Surely the self scan would be the thieves method of choice?!?!?!

Anyone with a brain would have realised that on occasions, a busy single mum sometimes makes an error - not to mention the woman on the till who forgot to attempt to complete the transaction. To make matters worse- she then LIED to the manager saying that she thought I was with the couple behind me. If this was true, then she surely would not have totalled up the shopping for me!! After the distress caused to me and to my children witnessing this, I was then told that I could pay for the shopping - but I would need to scan it all again in the self service checkout!!

Needless to say, I did not; and more importantly will NEVER return to that store again. I was treated extremely badly by poorly trained security staff with NO IDEA how to talk to the public - and no apology from the checkout operator.

This is a farce and demonstrates clearly how a simple thing, was escalated into madness by people who can't do their job. Had the woman on the till paid attention to what was going on and prompted me to pay then of course I would!!!

My primary attention, as any mum knows, was focussed on ensuring that my children were nearby and safe.I have a good job, and am certainly not in the position to need to steal food from Asda of all places!

I am disgusted at the way in which I was treated by clearly undertrained staff and lack of any kind of understanding my the management. Shocking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apology.

I didn't like: Being intimidated and made to feel like a thief.

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #1175765

Sounds like an error / miscommunication on everyone's part. They should have simply treated it as a mistake and redirected you to back to a till and pay for your groceries.

It does not sound to me like you were trying to steal. I imagine the cashier was trying to cover her backside by claiming she thought you were with the people behind you.

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