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Well, another complaint. This time about the person serving me at Asda today.

He was very helpful to the woman in front of me, smiled at her, made jokes and was generally polite. He even gave her a free bag for life for her gift wrap and french stick. Was he with me? No, he was not.

I had thought from his behaviour that he would be a pleasant person. Not only did he look at me as if I had three heads (no idea why) he never smiled, was abrupt, never said "thank you for shopping with us" as he had with the woman before and didn't help me with my heavy shopping. He asked if I wanted bags - no "would you like any bags?" as he had with the other woman but "want a bag?" and flung a single bag at my face without looking! He flung the change into my hand instead of placing it there too.

Charming. In case anyone thinks he just doesn't like men, I'm female and he would have to be blind to mistake me for male.

In any case, all customers should be treat the same and all should be treat well.

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