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The Manager at Killingbeck Asda, Leeds, lacked understanding even though my husband is undergoing a lot of hospital treatment for a serious illness and this has made me feel so stressed I can't remember exactly how long we've had the iron - only a couple of months I would estimate. I did explain to him and went and fetched a new similar steam iron (Asda make, ES267) to show him it is a current iron in their store.

I also pointed out that the iron I took back is obviously newish as the flex and plug don't show signs of any wear, other than the fault with the flex - which must have been kinked when it was packed in the box and now the wiring underneath the fabric outer is exposed due to the kink in it - which will not straighten out. I certainly haven't put that kink in the wiring by anything I have done - it must have been packed that way in the first place.

It only cost £13.95 - and a reasonable person would have looked at the overall picture bearing in mind all the stress we have suffered with my husband's illness and agreed to send it back to the makers and replace the iron. The problem is that when they add electrical items which require a guarantee onto the overall shopping receipts, you forget and throw them away - and this is what must have occurred.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Here's a tip for you, get a friend to purchase the same Iron, then you swap yours with theirs and ask them to say after a day or 2 that it leaks water, and you want a full refund. That way you get a brand new Iron but at least it works.


I think it is quite disgusting treatment from such a huge company.

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